Study on our high-quality Chinese herbal medicine courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture


*MSc in  Chinese Herbal Medicine - our next course starts in September 2019. For students looking to start with us we would encourage you to book a place on our introductory event on Saturday 16th February

Herbs Course Dates

Year 1 2019-20



7-8 September 2019
5-6 October
26-27 October
23-24 November
14-15 December
11-12 January 2020
8-9 February
7-8 March
4-5 April
Easter: 10, 11, 12 & 13 April 2020
6-7 June, Seen Exam on 6 June 2020
Summer break

Teaching sessions:

Saturdays:  10am-6pm
Sundays:  9:30am-5:30pm

These dates are for the teaching weekends at college. A large part of the course is conducted virtually via e-learning material.

In year 1 there are 9 clinic days mostly scheduled on Mondays.

In year 2 there are 20 clinic days, which will be individually scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Please note there will be a seen examination on 6th June 2020.