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*MSc in  Chinese Herbal Medicine - our next course starts in September 2019. For students looking to start with us we would encourage you to book a place on our introductory event on Saturday 16th February

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We are constantly growing and changing to ensure the continuing development of our practitioners and the profession.

BSc in Acupuncture

"For me a highlight of year one is definitely the practical sessions, points and bodywork. I have always learnt best whilst doing and it is much more fun getting stuck in!"

What we offer at the Northern college of Acupuncture - BSc/MSc in acupuncture courseWe have been teaching acupuncture courses since 1988 and our courses were the first in the country to be accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB). We were also the first independent acupuncture College to offer a degree programme and we are proud of our reputation for producing well rounded confident acupuncture practitioners. Our students come from all over the UK to study on our  BSc in Acupuncture  which is a three year practitioner training. Students can choose to study our acupuncture degree course at weekends or on weekdays. As well as classroom teaching there is hands-on learning in our teaching clinic which is open to the public, and e-learning lessons accessed at home.





MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice

What we offer at the Northern college of Acupuncture - MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice course

"Undertaking the MSc part of the course opened new fields of study and work for me and, with the brilliant supportive encouragement from the tutors, has helped me to develop into work that I am really passionate about and which I had never considered before joining the course."

Established in 2008 our MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice was the first MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice in the country to gain accreditation with the Nutritional Therapy Education Council (NTEC). It is a two year part-time course with an optional third/fourth year for the MSc dissertation and is open to healthcare professionals and people with an initial degree. During their studies our students gain both a solid academic grounding and extensive clinical skills that can be applied confidently and expertly in private practice. Our unique curriculum, experienced and well qualified faculty, outstanding guest lecturers and excellent clinical training make this an exceptional course. Once qualified, our students are eligible to apply for membership of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and can practise as a nutritional therapist.





MSc in Chinese Herbal Medicine

What we offer at the Northern college of Acupuncture - MSc in Chinese Herbal Medicine course

"I have found an unbelievably exciting new world of plant discovery. An absolutely brilliant course and lecturers – a real gift and joyous experience."

The NCA has run courses in Chinese herbal medicine since 1994 and acupuncturists from all over the country and the EU/EEA progress their practice by studying Chinese herbal medicine. Like acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine focuses on treating the individual and their underlying disharmonies, rather than the symptoms alone. Practitioners who have both acupuncture and herbs in their repertoire are able to draw on their extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine, combining acupuncture with herbal treatment to provide further benefits for their patients. This is a part-time two year course with an optional third/fourth year for those wanting to complete the MSc dissertation. Our long established teaching team, e-learning component and excellent clinical practice in our teaching clinic makes this an excellent and popular course. The course is fully accredited by the European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners’ Association (EHTPA). Upon successful completion of the first two years students will be eligible to apply to register with the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and add herbs to their practice.





Online MSc courses for practitioners from around the world

What we offer at the Northern college of Acupuncture - MSc in Oriental Medicine course

“I am really enjoying the learning experience on the online MSc. My cohort is just great - I love the internationality, I love the working atmosphere, and I love the fun we can have with each other although we only see each other through the video conferences and the forums.”


These exciting, totally online, Masters courses are for practitioners who want to enhance their careers with an MSc in their speciality. They are flexible e-learning programmes that can be fitted around work and other commitments. With their online delivery these courses are accessed by students from all around the world and from various disciplines. A mandatory weekly online meeting using the video conference platform “Skype for Business”, and ongoing online forums, further enrich the cohort experience. The taught part of the courses comprises four modules (of 14 weeks each) spread over two years. Some of the modules are mandatory for all students - such as the initial “Building Research Skills” module which teaches the essential research skills needed for the whole course. Others are specific to the course - such as “Chinese Classics” for the Oriental medicine practitioners and “Complex Case Management” for the nutrition practitioners. There are also opportunities to choose modules that are specifically of interest – such as “Innovative Business Development” and “Advanced Therapeutic Relationships”. The final module is one that students can design themselves to develop an area of specialist interest. After the taught modules students then move on to their research dissertation which takes a further two years, this is under the supervision of one or more of our expert team of MSc supervisors. Some modules have a stand-alone option so that practitioners may participate for CPD hours rather than degree credits. Also, students can choose to transfer the redits into the full MSc at a later date, making it possible to take this course at their own pace.










Continuing professional development - workshops and seminars

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“The Neil Quinton seminar was absolutely brilliant and has really helped me and given me so many insights and practical strategies to help my patients. Thank you!”

Throughout the year we run a programme of CPD seminars and workshops, covering a variety of subjects related to acupuncture, Chinese medicine and nutritional therapy, run by leading experts in their fields. These are popular with our own students, graduates and teaching staff, and other practitioners join us from all over the UK and the EU. Recent seminars include “Scar Tissue Rejuvenation", "Channel Palpation and Musculoskeletal Conditions" and "Facial Revitalisation."