Study on our high-quality Chinese herbal medicine courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture


*MSc in  Chinese Herbal Medicine - our next course starts in September 2019. For students looking to start with us we would encourage you to book a place on our introductory event on Saturday 16th February

Why study Chinese herbal medicine at the NCA?

Why is Chinese herbal medicine so great for your practice?


"With the availability of postgraduate student loans - there has never been a better time to add herbs to your practice."

  • You will be able to help patients more effectively by combining more than one Chinese medicine discipline. In turn this generates another income stream from your practice.
  • Herbs make treatments more effective by providing daily support for your patients, and they are the treatment of choice for many long-term, deep-seated conditions such as phlegm, blood stagnation and yin deficiency.
  • A combination of acupuncture and herbs increases efficacy for patients with a wide range of difficult conditions.
  • You will be able to prescribe encapsulated individualised or standard herbal formulae for your patients as well as decoctions made from concentrated powders and dried herbs.

Why now?

            Hanya Chalala (Herbs graduate):

Chinese herbal medicine raduate Hanya Chalala talks about her training at the Northern College of Acupuncture

"I decided to study herbs as I realised that it would further and refine my diagnostic abilities, as well as being able to treat areas where perhaps acupuncture is less effective, e.g. nourishing Blood. Now I am qualified I feel I have more in my repertoire and greater confidence as a practitioner. Adding herbs to my practice has enabled me to address more complex cases, and offers the option of a daily treatment. The teachers at the NCA were brilliant and inspirational and very generous in imparting information. They had many years of experience and so I didn’t feel as though they were just reading from Materia Medica. Studying Chinese herbal medicine has made me review my cases in greater depth and read research papers around my areas of interest."

  • Government postgraduate student loans are available for students from 2017.
  • There is increasing interest, from both the public and other healthcare professionals, in the potential of herbal medicine for treating the complex chronic conditions which are so common in the modern world.
  • You will also be even more effective, with your deeper understanding and ability to modify treatment to suit each individual case.

Why study at the Northern College of Acupuncture?

Why is this such a great course?

This is a full and thorough course which will prepare you to practise Chinese herbal medicine confidently and effectively.

  • Our Chinese herbal medicine course is designed to give you the foundations of knowledge and skills you need to become an excellent practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine and to make the study of herbs truly interesting and engaging.
  • Weekend teaching (only 10 weekends each year),enables you to maintain your acupuncture practice and other commitments.
  • Extensive e-learning supports your classroom and clinical teaching, making learning the basics easier- and you can revisit this as much as you like.
  • The e-learning is backed up by online discussion forums where you can discuss issues with fellow students and tutors.
  • The assessments are carefully designed to help you develop as a practitioner – rather than just a student.
  • From early in year one you will gain essential hands-on experience in our teaching clinic, under the supervision of Cheng Hao Zhou and Eileen Gibbon.
  • Exams are either ‘seen’, so you can work on your responses in advance, or ‘open book’ in style. This approach closely replicates practice, so develops a way of working that will be useful to you in the future. Students have told us that this is a good way to learn, as well as being less stressful than traditional exams. We are interested in helping you to develop an effective way of working (rather than purely testing your short term memory).
  • You qualify to practise Chinese herbal medicine after two years of study. We hope you will choose to go on to do the MSc dissertation, however there is the option to exit after two years with a Postgraduate Diploma. Either way, after two years you will be eligible to apply to join the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) and start practising.
  • You also have the opportunity to spend additional days in the teaching clinic following completion of the course. We know new practitioners often feel the need of this and we are committed to supporting you as you go into practice as.