Find out when our next nutritional therapy courses start as well as when our next introductory events will be held.


Latest news: Our 2019 MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice starts in September and the Nutrition Access course is available from 1st February. Our next introductory event is on Monday 4th March and if you are considering starting with us in 2019 we highly recommend that you book a place on this event and submit your application form as places are filling quickly.

Course fees for MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice commencing in 2019

We know that studying involves a big commitment of time, energy and money, so we try to keep our fees as low as we can. As a not-for-profit organisation, we spend every spare penny on continually developing and improving the training we offer. Our priorities are to offer you a first-class experience and deliver value for money. Your fees include all the teaching and learning opportunities provided by our teaching staff, all your clinical experience in our teaching clinic, tutorials, library and online resources, support services, access to our online e-learning facility, and your registration fees with our validating university.


Postgraduate loans

Students who are eligible and who are studying on a course designated by the government can access a postgraduate student loan of £10,690 which is spread over the three years of the course Designation is renewed annually. We have applied for designation for our MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice 2019 course from the Department of Education and are waiting for a decision. Until the decision is received we are unable to confirm the availability of student support. Eligible students are those who do not already have a Masters degree or PhD. You have to pay back all student loans. They are repaid at a low rate of interest and do not have to be paid back until your income has reached £21,000 a year, at which point you pay back 6% of your income over £21,000.


Nutrition Access Course Fee for the whole Nutrition Access Course - £700
For students who only need to attend some parts of the access course the fees are:
  • Foundation anatomy and physiology - £175
  • Foundation biochemistry and pharmacology and information skills - £350
  • Principles of basic nutrition - £175
MSc Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 dissertation fee
Enrolment fee £100 n/a n/a
Total fee £5,913 (not including enrolment fee) £6,129 £2,874
Instalments 9 @ £657 9 @ £681 6 @ £479


  • Access course fees are paid prior to starting to study the module(s).
  • For students commencing study in 2019 these fees are fixed until July 2022, unless the national inflation rate (CPI) exceeds 5% or is less than 1%, in which case the College reserves the right to vary the fees quoted here.
  • Fee instalments are paid by standing order, direct debit or bank transfer in October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May & June and you will arrange this when you start with us.
  • You can choose to pay the whole course fee in October and receive a 2% discount on the year’s fees.
  • Enrolment fees are paid on acceptance of a place, are non-refundable and are not included in your instalment payments.


MSc dissertation fee: Fee instalments for the dissertation year commence prior to the dissertation planning day and finish prior to submission for ethical approval. If you prefer not to pay in instalments, you can pay the whole fee prior to the dissertation planning day, with a 2% discount. Most students are expected to take one year to complete the dissertation. Should an extension be granted in a case of extenuating circumstances, there is no additional fee. Students who choose to leave the course after two years with the Post-Graduate Diploma do not pay the third year dissertation fee.