Find out when our next nutritional therapy courses start as well as when our next introductory events will be held.


Latest news: Our 2019 MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice starts in September and the Nutrition Access course is available from 1st February. Our next introductory event is on Monday 4th March and if you are considering starting with us in 2019 we highly recommend that you book a place on this event and submit your application form as places are filling quickly.

Bright Futures

There is a growing realisation among the general public that good nutrition is key to good health. However, as scientific research is published and hits the popular press, there is also increasing confusion as to what is a healthy way to eat.

That is where our MSc in Science and Practice comes in - we teach our students how to make sense of this ever changing evidence base. This means they can help their clients find their way through the maze of information and motivate them to make the changes needed to achieve optimal health. We are passionate about a personalised approach to nutrition and our mission to teach the future leaders in the field. Our nutrition course has been running (and developing) for 10 years now and our graduates are taking their quality training into their communities and beyond - and making a real difference to people’s lives. Our graduates work in many interesting and diverse ways including:

  • Private practice
  • Local health service collaborations
  • Creating a supplement business
  • Combining nutrition practice with an existing therapy
  • Teaching
  • Health promotion


Let’s hear from them...

Nutrition course graduate Wendy Urwin

Wendy Urwin - qualified 2015:

"I am a self-employed Nutritional Therapist with a busy practice based in northern Scotland. Clients bring a range of health issues but increasingly my work focuses on Lyme disease. My cases can be complex and challenging but very rewarding."

Website for nutrition course graduate Wendy Urwin

Nutrition courses graduate Sam Dunkley

Sam Dunkley - qualified 2013, graduated with MSc 2017:

"Completing the masters in Nutritional Therapy was instrumental to securing my role as a nutritionist at the diagnostic testing company, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences. For myself, this is an absolutely dream job, allowing me to follow my passion in health and nutrition and continue to expand my knowledge on a daily basis. Thanks to you all at the NCA!"

Website for nutrition course graduate Sam Dunkley


Nutrition course graduate David Brassey

David Brassey - qualified 2013:

"I am a nutritionist and exercise physiologist and also run a nutrition supplements business. As well as working with the general population, I have clients who are recreational and professional athletes, including professional football players."

Website for nutrition course graduate David Brassey

Website for nutrition course graduate David Brassey

Nutrition course graduate Elena Holmes

Elena Holmes - qualified 2016:

"Now I am working as a self-employed Nutritional Therapist, practising both in York and in Selby. Besides that I give educational talks and workshops and write blogs. I love this job!"

Website for nutrition course graduate Elena Holmes


Nutrition course graduate Rebecca Boulton

Rebecca Boulton qualified 2013:

"My specialism is in hormonal balance and working with women who are lacking in energy, struggling with mood swings and other hormonal issues."

Website for nutrition course graduate Rebecca Boulton

Nutrition course graduate Ali Orr

Ali Orr - qualified 2015:

"I work with individuals and groups who want to improve their health and lifestyle helping them to discover the amazing vitality life has to offer. I also specialise with weight loss clients encompassing everything from digestive issues, low energy to working on mindset."

Website for nutrition course graduate Ali Orr