Find out when our next nutritional therapy courses start as well as when our next introductory events will be held.


Latest news: Our 2019 MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice starts in September and the Nutrition Access course is available from 1st February. Our next introductory event is on Monday 4th March and if you are considering starting with us in 2019 we highly recommend that you book a place on this event and submit your application form as places are filling quickly.

MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice - how the course progresses

Year Two

You will cover the following modules:

  • Personalised Approaches to Nutrition 2



In year two this module continues to develop the functional medicine approach to common conditions begun in the first year. Personalised Approaches to Nutrition 2 links closely to Clinical Practice 2 to introduce you to more complex cases and ideas. Exciting aspects of your second year are the masterclass sessions taught by leaders in the field. They bring a wealth of knowledge and inspiration as you are preparing to start in practice yourself. Sessions include female health, sports nutrition, nutrigenomics and nutritional approaches to cancer care.

  • Nutrition Research



Research and the evidence base is at the heart of all your learning and this year two module builds on the research skills introduced in Year 1 in preparation for beginning the dissertation in Year 3. You will develop your skills in research design, operation and data analysis. We also prepare you to develop your research proposal to take forward to the dissertation stage.

  • Clinical Practice 2



In the second year in clinic you take responsibility for patients yourself, leading the consultation, playing a primary role in the case analysis discussion, and feeding the resulting advice and recommendations back to the client. You are supported by the clinical supervisor throughout as your experience and confidence builds. At the end of the two years you will be confident to start in practice yourself. This module also requires you to complete two Practitioner Observation visits, at least one of which will be with a BANT registered practitioner. This is an opportunity for you to spend time in an existing practice and reflect on the experience.

Features of the second year

Year two 2017 students during their living foods lunch.

Business skills

In your second year we introduce business skills in form of producing your own business plan which will help you to prepare for completing the taught part of the course and joining the nutrition profession. Your business plan will also form part of your Clinic Portfolio.


There are a number of both formative and summative assessments within the programme, details of which will be provided within the Module Handbooks and in the Assessment Calendar. There will also be a viva voce (a verbal presentation of a case) as well as class presentations.


In the second year there are several e-learning sessions which complement your classroom learning in the modules.


You will continue to develop your reflective skills. Once you are qualified you will need to continue this self-reflection process as part of your Continuing Professional Development.

Evening seminars

You will again be encouraged to attend the evening seminars. Again these sessions are mostly tailored to what the student group requests.


We continue to support you throughout the second year with regular meetings with your personal tutor and particular emphasis will be on moving into the profession and starting your dissertation.

How the year develops

Our MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice is a wide-ranging course offering you the chance to chance to hone your skills as a nutrition practitioner

Year two – term one

This term commences with Personalised Approaches to Nutrition 2. The work you began in year one will provide a framework for the more complex sessions in year two. You will be also be starting your personal observation visits with established practitioners and in other nutrition-related settings.

Year two – term two

Your use of the functional medicine framework will be helping you to really gain confidence in your approach to cases and conditions in clinic. You will be further gaining more research knowledge and skills in order to prepare for the dissertation module.

Year two - term three

By term three you will be writing up the last aspects of your clinical portfolio and completing your personal observation visits. You will also be preparing for your viva voce and be submitting a research proposal in preparation for year three and the research dissertation. In clinic you will be increasingly confident with client consultations, under “light touch” supervision, and anticipating the prospect of joining the nutrition profession.