Find out when our next nutritional therapy courses start as well as when our next introductory events will be held.


Latest news: Our 2019 MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice starts in September and the Nutrition Access course is available from 1st February. Our next introductory event is on Monday 4th March and if you are considering starting with us in 2019 we highly recommend that you book a place on this event and submit your application form as places are filling quickly.


Masterclasses in year two

Our MSc in Nutrition Science and Practice is a wide-ranging course offering you the chance to chance to hone your skills as a nutrition practitioner

In Year 2, we run a number of Masterclasses delivered by leaders in the field who include both our own tutors and guest speakers.


  • Nutrition for Mental Health - Anne Pemberton
  • Paediatric Nutrition - Anne Pemberton
  • Nutrigenomics - Anne Pemberton
  • Female Hormone Health - Jane Nodder
  • Eating Disorders - Jane Nodder
  • Performance Nutrition - Jane Nodder
  • Oral Health - Sonia Williams
  • Business Skills - Emma Hague (guest speaker) Karen Fallis and Sally Duffin
  • Nutritional approaches to Cancer - Carol Granger (guest speaker)


Anne Pemberton masterclasses on the nutrition courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

Nutrigenomics with Anne Pemberton

Anne and her business partner Angela Baily run the company “Gene Snippers” delivering workshops all over the UK which enable practitioners to gain a fundamental understanding of the human genome and the concept of basic genetics.

Anne says:

"Nutrigenomics is a really exciting area because we can use our nutrition skills to help change genetic expression. In our nutrigenomics session we discuss the basics of nutrigenomics, the value of testing for specific groups, functional tests to determine gene expression. We have some simple examples of everyday single nucleotide polymorphisms and the way they may express and change our health trajectory. This is an introduction for those students who would like to specialise after they qualify. Extra training is warranted to excel in the area but this session will help students to decide if the terrain is for them or not."




Jane Nodder masterclasses on the nutrition courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

Sports Nutrition with Jane Nodder

Jane, a runner herself, is a leader in the field of sports nutrition.

Jane says:

"More and more people are training for a marathon, taking part in cycling events, playing team sports or exercising in the gym to get in shape. Controversies, fact and fiction abound regarding what to eat for health, fitness and sport creating a demand from both the public and practitioners for high quality information on nutritional strategies for maximising performance and maintaining general health. This one day seminar introduces key concepts and principles of sports nutrition and explores practical nutritional approaches for different sport and fitness goals including improving endurance, strength and resistance training, cardiovascular fitness and weight control. It focuses on turning research evidence into personalised, practical advice that works for active individuals ranging from ‘weekend warriors’ to event athletes."



Carol Granger masterclasses on the nutrition courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

Cancer with Carol Granger

Carol is a highly respected practitioner of herbalism and nutrition. She is studying for her Professional Doctorate in Health Sciences, at the University of Westminster, and her area of research is nutritional therapy for people with cancer Carol is Chair of the Nutritional Therapy Education Commission (NTEC).

Carol says:

"My masterclass focuses on the role of nutrition and metabolism in the development of cancer and investigates dietary considerations during the cancer journey."




Sally Duffin masterclasses on the nutrition courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

Business Skills with Karen Fallis, Sally Duffin and Emma Hague

NCA tutor Sally runs a successful practice in York and is a highly regarded writer and blogger with a wealth of experience in business development. Karen has a wealth of experience delivering nutritional therapy in corporate settings. Guest tutor Emma runs her own business coaching company and supports start ups and small businesses to develop and reach their potential.

Sally says:

"Our sessions introduce you to the skills you need to start your own business. We have a “First 100 days session” where we share everything you need to do in the first 100 days of practice to get up and running. We cover all the legal and professional obligations in practice. We encourage people to think creatively about marketing and planning. Emma delivers a specific session on pricing. Our aim is to ensure that when you complete your two taught years and go into practice that you have all the basics to build on."