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Online Masters Courses for practitioners – our next courses start in September 2019.If you would like to find out more we recommend that you book a place on our regular online "Presentation and Q&A" sessions that we run throughout the year.  

ION diploma graduates/students who graduated after 2012 - you can apply for the Advanced Nutrition even if you don't have a degree.

Research Modules - Student Initiated Module

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All students must complete this module which is an exciting and flexible opportunity for you to design your own learning plan and programme. This will support a special interest you might have in a particular field or be related to your client base. You will be asked to develop a complete project from start to finish, set your own goals and learning outcomes, and write up a report that will consolidate your learning, using all the skills you will need to complete the research project phase of the MSc.

Your choice of topic will be guided by the following criteria:

  • It may be focused on an area of special interest or expertise that you have, or it may address a gap identified in your ongoing Personal Development Plan.
  • It may be linked in some way to the final research project (e.g. background information or another issue linked to the future research topic).

During this module you will be given 6.5 hours of personal supervision by a tutor working with NCA. Inevitably, this supervisor may not have specialist knowledge in your chosen field, though they will have plenty of knowledge and experience to help you to get the best out of this module. Depending on the topic area, you may be encouraged to find a local mentor who is willing to donate some time to your project to advise you on current thinking and pertinent reading in your specialist area.


Merete Linden Dahle, acupuncture practitioner on our online MSc courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

Merete Linden Dahle – acupuncture practitioner – Norway

"I really enjoyed the Student Initiated Module where I could dig deeper into a topic of my interest and preparing for the research project. Working with a supervisor to have feedback and continuously being able to improve my project was something I really appreciated. Even if my cohort is situated in different parts of the world, we have a feeling of a close relationship. It is great to have a group of people to sharing thoughts and ideas, having interesting discussions and helping each other out and to have acupuncturist friends outside my own country."