Study on our high-quality online MSc courses for practitioners at the Northern College of Acupuncture


Online Masters Courses for practitioners – our next courses start in September 2019.If you would like to find out more we recommend that you book a place on our regular online "Presentation and Q&A" sessions that we run throughout the year.  

ION diploma graduates/students who graduated after 2012 - you can apply for the Advanced Nutrition even if you don't have a degree.


Sophie Napier - nutrition practitioner and student on our online MSc courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture

Sophie Napier - nutrition practitioner - United Kingdom

"Being able to undertake an MSc online has given me the flexibility to achieve my goals and also to schedule my study around work and family commitments. The support of the module tutors is fantastic and they always go the extra mile to help and guide you. The video calls are friendly and enriching, and there is a great community and support network through the online module forums, so you never feel alone."


A typical teaching week and course dates

In brief

  • The teaching year starts in September.
  • Modules run in two blocks between September and May with short breaks between the two modules each year.
  • Typical study hours are approx. 20 hours per week.

The total study time for 40 credit modules is 400 hours including the time to prepare assessments. For 20 credit modules the total study time is 200 hours. The Research Project Module is a 60 credit module requiring 600 hours normally over 1 year.

Students work very differently to one another and the courses are flexible enough to allow this. For example, some students make substantial use of the discussion forums and find them a great source of learning and information sharing, whereas others use the forums less and concentrate on individual study. Also, some weeks require more study hours than others. Overall we give you a guide of approximately 20 hours study each week during the teaching modules.