Application Appeals Procedure

These procedures relate to situations where an applicant for an NCA BSc or MSc course is concerned that the process of considering their application may not have been properly conducted.

The Appeals Procedure

An applicant may only appeal on one or more of the following grounds:

  • the College’s response to the application contains errors of fact;
  • defects or irregularities in the conduct of the process of considering the application, or in written instructions or in advice relating thereto, which could have had an adverse effect on the quality of the application or its assessment by admissions staff; or
  • exceptional personal circumstances which were not known to the admissions staff, and where the student can show good reason why such circumstances could not have been made known to the admissions staff before or at interview, and which are shown to have had an adverse effect on the application or the applicant’s performance at interview.

Appeals which question the judgement of admissions staff, or appeals on any grounds other than those stipulated above shall not be admissible and the College Manager will inform the appellant accordingly in writing.

The College Manager will consider an appeal within twenty-one (21) days of its receipt by the institution.

Any applicant who wishes to appeal against a decision on their application should normally submit an appeal to the College Manager (using this Application-Appeal-form.doc) within fourteen days of the date of the publication of the decision by the College.  The grounds for appeal must be clearly stated on the form and relevant documentary evidence appended.

The College Manager will refer the appeal for consideration by two members of the admissions staff who were not involved in the previous assessment of the application and/or the interview. The two members of the admissions staff will review the case in the light of the information brought forward by the appeal.  It will not necessarily follow that the College’s decision on the application will be changed. The appointed admissions tutors will inform the College Manager of their decision in writing no later than fourteen days following the referral of the appeal to them.

The College Manager, or his/her nominee, shall inform the appellant of the outcome of his/her appeal in writing and, if appropriate, issue a new response to the application. 

Final Appeal Applicants are only allowed further appeal after following the above appeal procedure. A final appeal can be made in writing to the Board of Directors/Trustees, which will nominate two of its members to consider the appeal.   

Version 1 Policy date: 14/12/2017 Next review: December 2019  (Academic Board)