How do practitioners view the multibed clinic as a delivery model for improving access to Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture within England? A mixed method pilot study

By Amanda Silcock



Cosmetic procedures, surgery and ‘botox’ are fashionable and currently available to all at a sliding scale of costs varying in affordability within the market place. Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture (FRA) in the UK is predominantly provided privately on a 1-1 basis. FRA is viewed as a luxury treatment alongside other beauty treatments. There is scant literature providing evidence of its provision within multibed clinics at an affordable cost to a cross section of the community.
Aim To gather practitioner views regarding the multibed clinic as a delivery model for improving access to FRA within England.


A mixed method pilot study involving postal questionnaires combined with 4 in depth ‘face to face’ interviews with practitioners to collate specified information. 27 practitioners practising in multibed clinics received questionnaires. 23 responded,1 spoiled copy was returned. 22 practitioners were eligible to participate. A high response rate of 81% was achieved. Descriptive statistics and thematic analysis provided the basis of data retrieval represented in graph, pie chart and vignette format.


Multibed numbers are increasing, whilst the provision of FRA therein is slow. Ideological concerns of access and affordability for patients underpin practitioners practice.5 practitioners practice FRA in the multibed.3 practitioners would consider practising FRA, 11 would not. Material costs of needles and time management of FRA proved critical factors when pricing FRA treatment. Practitioners were very mindful concerning unrealistic patient expectations regarding results for FRA. All practitioners viewed FRA as a beauty treatment, opinion became polarized when discussing its health benefits.13 practitioners considered it provided health benefits.2 practitioners considered FRA could be more affordable if more practitioners practised it, 3 did not. The status of practitioners practising FRA was brought into question.


Currently, FRA provision within the multibed is embryonic and tentative, its progression will be determined by both practical and ideological beliefs of the practitioner. Future recommendations for further research are outlined.