Traditional Chinese Medicine And Reichian Theory: A preliminary exploration of parallels and differences between Chinese and Reichian medical theories and interventions.

Leon Southgate, 2002



The first objective is to discuss possible parallels and differences between Chinese and Reichian medical theories. The second objective is to investigate whether any effects are produced when a possible biological energy (described as Orgone by Reichian theory) is introduced into an acupuncture point.

This paper is intended to inform readers from the Chinese and Reichian traditions as to possible commonality and differences between the theories. It may be of interest to related fields such as Psychotherapy or Western medicine.


The theoretical analysis in this study addresses a gap in the literature for a detailed comparison between Chinese and Reichian theories.

The experimental study addresses a gap in research literature regarding investigation of possible compatibility between Chinese and Reichian interventions. Previously there has been one published experimental investigation of possible Chinese and Reichian medical compatibility.


Section 1 comprises an introduction to commonly used terms, a historical background to Reich’s interventions and a review of evidence for and against Orgone energy.
Section 2 reviews previous literature that compares Chinese and Reichian theory as an introduction to a proposed new comparative study of the two theories.
Section 3 comprises a double blind, placebo controlled, experimental study comparing a possible Orgone energy accumulating device to an identical looking placebo device.
Section 4 is a general conclusion and discussion of the concepts of Qi and Orgone.

Main Outcome Measures:

Statistical analysis was calculated using the Minitab Version 12 computer programme.


A statistically significant increase in sensation area when the possible Orgone device was applied to an acupuncture point was found. (P < 0.030).


There appears to be common ground between the two theories. The experimental study suggests there is evidence that Chinese and Reichian interventions may affect one another.