The use of acupuncture in treating people with tinnitus

By Andrew Jackson


This study addresses the following research question:

Is acupuncture a beneficial treatment for patients suffering with tinnitus?

The study looks at patient perceived changes that took place as six tinnitus patients progressed through a course of ten daily (five per week) acupuncture treatments.

The research design was a 6xABA N=1 controlled study. The selection method was voluntary and the first six persons who fitted the research criteria were chosen, of which five were male and one female. The overall study lasted six weeks with a follow-up interview four weeks after the study had ended. Acupuncture treatment was carried out at the Signol Centre for Complementary Medicine, during the treatment phase of the study, by a qualified TCM acupuncturist.

Quantitative and qualitative research tools were used to record the patients' perceptions of change. Two validated tools - the THI (Tinnitus Handicap Inventory) and MYMOP (Measure Your Own Outcome Profile) were completed at five assessment periods throughout the study and also a Patient Daily Diary, which was completed for the six weeks of the study.

The THI and MYMOP were both scored using a points system and the results from these are analysed and discussed in table and chart form throughout the dissertation. The Daily Diary results were analysed using an independent groups t-test and the results are also presented in table and chart form.

Results showed each patient with a variety of TCM syndromes. All of the patients in this study reported significantly positive improvements, affecting all aspects of their well-being. Of the total 23 parameters measured over all six patients, using the independent groups t-test, 17 parameters showed statistically significant improvement.

Ideas for further research have been identified within this study.
It is concluded that the use of TCM acupuncture can result in positive outcomes for patients suffering tinnitus.