What effect does acupuncture have on patient's physical facial tissue appearance and their level of satisfaction with facial tissue appearance?  A Case Series using 5 patients

By Kay Lam


This study was a case series using 5 patients and set out to explore the use of acupuncture for facial tissue enhancement.  The researcher previously worked as a beauty therapist and noticed that many women remained dissatisfied with their facial tissue appearance after conventional beauty treatments and some who had undertaken cosmetic surgery.  The literature reviewed during this study suggested that acupuncture could create many physical responses in both the localised tissue and at a deeper organ function level.  Further searches indicated that acupuncture cold create alterations in psychological areas by creating a state of relaxation.

The research was performed on 5 women all aged over 35 years.  All the women involved had experienced dissatisfaction with their facial tissue appearance.  Each participant received 8 non electrical acupuncture treatments using a combination of points.  The participants had not experienced acupuncture treatment prior to commencing the study.  Data was collected using a patient Self Evaluation Form to allow perceived aspects of change to be recorded.  This was followed by a semi-structured interview, a postal questionnaire and evaluation of case notes.  The aim was to collect the patient’s perceived areas of change and explore these areas, to discover both physical and psychological areas of change.

The patient’s reported physical visual changes directly after treatment were small, however the overall level of satisfaction with facial tissue was reported to be higher after the treatment.  The participants reported numerous positive areas of change after the treatment and amongst these several changes reported were an alteration in attitudes towards appearance and alterations in general health.  This study explored how acupuncture may work and the results indicated that acupuncture treatment could provide an increased level of satisfaction due to both psychological and physical alterations.