A qualitative and quantitative exploration of the use of Auriclar Acupuncture delivered in a group setting on perceived quality of life  in men and women experiencing vasomotor symptoms as a consequence of treatment for breast and prostate cancer - a triangulation study

By Kathryn Almond


112 male and female patients with a diagnosis of cancer who present with hot flushes receive the National Association for Detoxification (NADA) protocol in a group setting.

Efficacy and impact is measured using participants’ Symptom Scores and the Measure Your Concerns and Wellbeing (MYCaW) tool.

Purposive randomly selected interviews with 12 (10 female, 2 male) participants who had received the treatment were undertaken; interviews were themed and peer and member checked.

The intention of this study is to use the quantitative data of an existing Auricular Acupuncture service and compound the results by adding a qualitative analysis in the form of participant interviews, which explore the patient’s experience of a diagnosis of cancer and the consequences of treatment induced vasomotor symptoms.