Accommodation for students

Staying overnight

Students who are travelling to the College for study and need to stay over can choose between two options:

Staying with local families who provide bed and “help yourself” breakfast at a reasonable cost

This is the most popular accommodation option. The host families are usually situated within a 15 minute walk of the College and the station, and the costs are reasonable - around £25 - £35 per night. Many of the families have been renting rooms to NCA students up for a number of years and provide a warm and friendly environment. Parking and kitchen facilities are sometimes available – ask when you enquire.



Hostel, hotel and guest house accommodation providers

York is an international tourist city and has a lot of options for hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation. Hostel rooms start at £12 per night for a bed in a shared room and expect to pay anything between £50 to £90 per night for a single room for hotels and guest houses. NB - Due to high demand at weekends all through the year, accommodation providers often require a two night stay





Moving to York to study

For students who are moving to York for their studies we recommend checking out the wide variety of York letting agents who specialise in student lettings. York has two Universities so there is plenty of choice and past students have rented rooms in shared student houses and found this to be cost effective, as well as a great way of meeting people and having a social life.