Policy on babies and children in College

The Northern College of Acupuncture is a warm and friendly Higher Education provider, and is dedicated to supporting students, staff and visitors as much as possible.  The College is committed to promoting equality in all its activities and aims to provide a work, learning and teaching environment free from discrimination and unfair treatment, upholding the provisions of the Equality Act 2010.  In addition, the College recognises its legal responsibilities for all people in the College building, and understands it is necessary to take into account that babies and children may be at greater risk of accident or injury than adults.


There may be occasions when a staff member, student or visitor may wish to bring a child into the College for a short period of time, for example, to show a new baby to colleagues, collect work, or breastfeed a young baby when the mother is in teaching sessions or clinic.  This is acceptable, provided that the staff member, student or visitor fully understands they are responsible for the safety of the child or baby while in College, and the child or baby must be under the immediate supervision of the adult concerned or their nominated carer (who is not a College member of staff at work) at all times.  By prior arrangement, the College will make available a private space for breastfeeding mothers to feed their babies or express milk.  This must be arranged with the College Manager in advance, to minimise disruption to all staff and students and will be only for a short period each time.


Otherwise, staff and students should not bring their children of any age with them into any teaching room or clinic.  The same applies to all workspaces except in exceptional circumstances with prior agreement.  This is to avoid potential disruption to the learning environment as well as removing the risk of exposing children and babies to potential harm. 

Version 1 Policy reviewed by Academic Board 30/04/2015 Next review date 30/04/2018.