MSc Dissertation Abstracts

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Here you will find a selection of abstracts from successful MSc dissertations written by students on our MSc courses. They cover a wide range of topics and methodologies and make fascinating reading.

The Northern College of Acupuncture is extremely proud of the contributions made by our students to research in our field. We think it is vital that practitioners themselves engage in a wide spectrum of enquiry into acupuncture. In this way research is conducted within the context of our medical tradition, and research remains closely allied to practice.



Anne Etherton - What are the Correspondences between Atopic Asthma and Giovanni Maciocia's Theory on how Traditional Chinese Medicine Understands this Disorder?



Alison J Gould - Perspectives on change: A patient-centred view on the effects of traditional acupuncture.

Marianne Buck - Exploring the Somatotopic Auriculotherapy Map with Respect to Skeletomuscular Dysfunction.

Don Clarke - Can diagnosis by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) procedures inform the process of identifying the most suitable conventional drug for the treatment of migraine with the purpose of minimising unacceptable side-effects and can an understanding of the actions of conventional drugs for migraine be helpful in planning treatment by TCM?

Penny Walker - Chinese Acupuncture: Is it the answer to Menopausal Hot Flushes?



Neil Blacklock - Imaging Extraordinary Vessels with Kirlian Photography Analysis - a useful diagnosis?

Charles Buck - Evaluating Chinese medicine's theoretical foundations - do ancient paradigms merit a place in modern medicine?

Patricia Hunter - A study of the treatment of idiopathic sensory urgency using acupuncture.

Anne Palmer - The Use of Shiatsu in Treating People with Shoulder Pain - A Pilot Study.

Galia Reuveny - Heroin: Addiction and Detoxification.



Richard Blackwell - What Options are Available for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis by Acupuncture?

Nicholas Lutyens-Humfrey - Chinese Face Reading In The UK: A Study Of Acupuncturists Using The System Taught By Maura Bright



Leon Southgate - Traditional Chinese Medicine And Reichian Theory: A preliminary exploration of parallels and differences between Chinese and Reichian medical theories and interventions

Sharon Dawn Taylor - How do approaches to treating HIV/AIDS with Chinese Medicine vary in practice in different social and cultural settings?

Beverley Lawton - Patient-perceived changes during a course of traditional acupuncture treatment for Postnatal Depression: A cohort of four case studies



Yuin Chi Cao - What changes take place in asthma patients who undergo acupuncture treatment aimed at moving qi and blood stasis in the lungs.

Richard Chamberlain - A study on the nature of intuition and its possible role in the practice of Chinese medicine.

John Corrigan - Irritable bowel syndrome - What is the potential of Acupuncture using traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis in its management?

Elaine Wilson - Obesity: A literature review investigating the potential of acupuncture as an effective aid to weight loss.

Andrew Jackson - The use of acupuncture in treating people with tinnitus.



Cheryl Mason - A pilot study of acupressure massage on women in labour when given by their birth partners.

Clare Trohear - A survey of UK acupuncture practitioners' use of moxibustion.

Joong Kook Baik - Exploring the potential of Koryo hand acupuncture therapy to reduce symptoms of major depression.

Karen Glancy - Attitudes, beliefs and actions of traditional acupuncturists with regards to marketing their practices - a postal survey.

Wendy Reynolds - Expectations and experience: A primarily qualitative study of patients undergoing their first course of acupuncture.

Irina Smelskyj - Clinical observation of 10 cases of insomnia treated by acupuncture. An outcome study.



Eleanor Davies - Acupuncture and the treatment of late side effects from Western medical treatments for cancer.

Melvyn Pickering - Is there a relationship between acupuncture treatment and postural realignment?



Tanya Magen - Can the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach provide additional benefits for the Lymphoedema patients already receiving MLD treatment?

Linda Johnson - Treating Generalised Anxiety Disorder with Acupuncture: What Patients Think.

Alison Tattersfield - Is Acupuncture Effective in Moderating the Cardiovascular System’s Stress Response?



Nicola Anne Scholes - Are Radix Rehmanniae's traditional indications supported by current understanding of its pharmacology? A narrative review.

Ben Haugh - Evaluating the Chinese Medicine treatment of Physical trauma: a systematic literature review.

Linda Hehir - The Scottish Perspective: Potential for Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture within the NHS.

Kay Lam - What effect does acupuncture have on patient's physical facial tissue appearance and their level of satisfaction with facial tissue appearance? A Case Series using 5 patients.

Barbara Cushnie - An Exploration of the Components and Outcomes of a Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Intervention for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis; A Case Series.



Sarah Scott - What changes do patients with a diagnosis of endometriosis perceive whilst undergoing a course of acupuncture treatment?

Kathryn Almond - A qualitative and quantitative exploration of the use of Auriclar Acupuncture delivered in a group setting on perceived quality of life in men and women experiencing vasomotor symptoms as a consequence of treatment for breast and prostate cancer.

Amy Best - Is there a Relationship between a TCM Diagnosis of Hot-Cold and Menopausal Symptoms? A Qualitative Approach.

Elaine Aldred - The Molecular Pharmacology of Genistein in Soy (Glycine max) and Its Relevance to Herbal Clinical Practice. A Selective Literature Review.

Jane Marsh - Independent Midwives’ Understanding And Experience Of Acupuncture In Pregnancy.

Jane Morris - Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Clifton Wicks - Is an acupuncture service of benefit to patients with chronic tennis elbow? A Case Series of Twelve n = 1 Case Studies.



Hanya Chlala - Observational studies of parkinson’s disease treated with Chinese herbs and scalp and body acupuncture - a series of five cases.

Lin Gao - Treatment of Migraine in Clinical Practice in China - A Literature Review.

Lucy Clarke - Exploring the basis for Acupuncture Treatment of Eating Disorders; A Mixed Methods Study.

Mark Fielding - Does Acupuncture Reduce Saliva Cortisol and Improve General Health Perceptions in Self-Diagnosed Stress? An Outcome Study - Clinical Observation of Ten Patients. 



Amanda Silcock - How do practitioners view the multibed clinic as a delivery model for improving access to Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture within England? A mixed method pilot study.

Karen Crossland - TCM Acupuncture as an Adjunct in the Management of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Young People/Adults Aged 16 or Over: Is This a Realistic Option? A Case Study Series.

Karen Jeffrey - A Systematic Review evaluating the use of Acupuncture in the treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Pauline Moffatt - What is the impact of a 12 month pilot acupuncture clinic in primary care? An evaluation of patient health outcomes, patient satisfaction and GPs’ views.



Patricia Blee - Is Auricular Acupuncture Effective in Reducing Anxiety in Patients Attending for Magnetic Resonance Imaging? A Pilot Study

Mel Koppelman - What effect does acupuncture have on cortisol levels?

Jane Frank - Dietary advice for prostate cancer patients: information sources used, range of advice offered and patient uptake: a questionnaire survey.

Anne Larvin - What difference does learning food and cooking skills make? A mixed-methods study evaluating a community food and cooking skills programme.

Elaine Wilson - Raw Food: A Literature Review Investigating the Principles of, and Current Evidence for, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic-Based Nutritional Approach Perspectives.



John Donegan - An observational study of patients, practitioners and practice in clinical settings offering traditional Mongolian medicine in Mongolia .

Ildiko Hovarth - Is acupuncture an effective adjunct to antihypertensive medication in the treatment of primary hypertension?

Lynda Fricker - An observational pilot study evaluating the relationship between b vitamin intake and symptoms of depression




Fiona MacQueen - The Use of an Acupuncture Point Protocol incorporating Electroacupuncture in the Treatment of Patients with Vulvodynia. A Case Series of Eight Patients.

Charlotte Green - What are the long-term impacts of a 12 month pilot acupuncture clinic in primary care? An evaluation of patient health outcomes and an examination of patient reflections.

Nigel Ching - An investigation into the relationship between theory and practice in the treatment of menopausal hot flushes with Chinese Medicine - a pilot study using an internet-based questionnaire

Anne Pemberton - An investigation into the perceived value of the provision of nutrition education among students of contemporary dance: a mixed methods study



Sarah Kekus - Is there a relationship between eating behaviors and lower gastro-intestinal (GI) symptoms in female runners? An exploratory study

Karen Charlesworth - APPA: An auricular acupuncture protocol for the attenuation of pain and anxiety in humanitarian aid environments: a consensus study to determine a theoretically safe and effective beta protocol



Carla Jane Love - Acupuncture vs Green-lipped Mussel Extract in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Greyhounds: a Pilot Study for a Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Crossover Trial

Nicky Robinson - Nutritional Management of Adult Coeliac Disease: Is it Time for a New Approach? An exploratory study

Helen Walker - Is there an equivalent effect between an acupuncture needle retention time of 5 minutes compared to 20 minutes in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee? A pilot cross over randomised controlled trial

Meg Kennedy - Analysis of the Provision of Omega-3 (n-3 EFAs) in Private Children’s Day Care (CDC) in Leeds: A Mixed Methods Study



Clare Grundel - Mapping Nutrition Research against ‘Effectiveness Gaps’ in the NHS: A Critical Review of the Evidence